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Break free with natalie eve marquisBreak free from limiting beliefs!

Limiting beliefs can seriously hold us back and keep us from living our lives to our fullest potential. These sabotaging beliefs often come from childhood and our culture, however, they also come from times when you drew false conclusion about one or more experiences in your life. You unknowingly assigned meaning to these events that are disempowering you. As a result your mind blocks you from taking certain actions, even though the actions may be good for you.

Quite often just being aware of a limiting belief isn’t enough to release it. In these cases Belief Buster Hypnosis can help you get to the root cause, release the energetic pattern and re-create a more empowering program.

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The Beauty of Hypnosis: It Rewires Your Brain

Most of us pickup a lot baggage along the way, such as limiting beliefs, dysfunctional habits (overeating, smoking, excessive drinking, nail biting, etc.), fear, anxiety, stress, self-esteem issues, anger, emotional pain and more. This “baggage” prevents us from feeling at peace, enjoying life and fully realizing our greatest potential. Hypnosis can help you “rewire” your brain, especially your subconscious, so it fully supports what your conscious mind wants to achieve.

Why Will Power and “Educating Yourself” Doesn’t Always Work

When you decide to change a behavior or get rid of bad habit it often doesn’t work because your conscious mind, or the area responsible for will power, rational/analytic thinking, and short term memory, is not in sync with your subconscious mind, the area where we store emotions, habits, self-protection and long-term memories. In fact, the two are often on entirely different train tracks driving in opposite directions!

Hypnosis Syncs up the Conscious and Subconscious to Support Your Goals

Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mindWe can use a computer analogy to better understand the role the brain’s three levels of mind play in our lives:

The Conscious mind = RAM: It’s the analytical, every-day thinking mind. It’s the gatekeeper choosing what to act upon in any given moment.

The Subconscious mind = Hard Drive:  It’s where all your original memory files are stored. Sometimes we need to update or correct the information that is stored on the hard drive. To do so, we have to bridge the conscious mind to reach the subconscious, where we can access and open up the original file, and update the information.

The Unconscious Mind = operating system.  Similar to a computer operating software, the unconscious mind runs your body’s basic functions and automatic systems such as your heart beat, blood pressure, circulatory system, etc.

In order to create lasting, transformative change, we must access your “original files” via the subconscious and update them. Hypnosis provides an easy, safe, and effective way to bypass the conscious mind and improve your subconscious programming (i.e. long term memories). Note, however, that we don’t change your memories, instead we update your perception of them, which results in changed behavior.

Bad Habits Were Your Mind’s Way of Helping You

Almost all negative habits or beliefs were born from your mind trying to protect you. Smoking helped you calm yourself. Overeating soothed or anesthetized troubling emotions.  Biting your nails released pent up energy. Compulsively shopping or Googling distracted you from painful feelings. Underachieving helped you avoid taking risks. When these old beliefs or patterns are no longer serving you is when you desire change. Hypnosis can help you sync two powerful areas of mind to achieve lasting positive change.

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