Natalie’s Journey

The Journey to Becoming an Intuitive Healer & Consulting Hypnotist

Me, Nana, my sister Kelly, and my baby cousin Cassie

Me, Nana, my sister Kelly, and my baby cousin Cassie

I was named after my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother. They were two fabulous women and I loved and admired them dearly. Thanks to them, I am one of the few people I know that actually likes her name! These wonderful women passed on when I was a young teenager. My grandmother Natalie, however, still works with me from “the other side,” guiding and supporting me (thank you, Nana!).

My journey into the spiritual and metaphysical began at a young age. I remember when I was four or five having daily conversations with God. I loved that “he” could hear me but at some point I recalled being shocked to discover he could see me everywhere too, even when I was naked, LOL! I got over that and have continued my daily conversations with God ever since.

The women in my family have always had what I affectionately called the “ju-ju.” My aunt was pretty good at doing readings and foretelling things and my grandmother, mom and aunts used to have regular seances. And we all had a knack of knowing who was calling on the phone before we picked it up (pre-smartphone and caller ID days).

My Godmother Gracie, whom I sincerely believe was my earth angel, came into our lives when I was fourteen. She took me (and my Mom) to my first metaphysical class, the Silva Mind Control Method. Although the workshop title implies otherwise, we were weren’t taught how to control other people’s minds, instead we learned how to tap into the inner wisdom of our own minds. It is here, I first learned how to purposefully use my intuition.

During my college years, I did tarot card readings and psychometry readings for friends. I frequently had dreams that came true. I was also trying to teach myself telekinesis, how to move or influence objects with your mind, a skill I have yet to master (other than spoon bending).

Around this time, I had a horrific nightmare and all the underlining fears I had about “the dark side” (which I got from horror movies and the scary unexplainable things that happened during the family seances) bubbled to the surface. At eighteen or nineteen, I didn’t know how to handle the fears, so I shut down my intuition, stopped doing readings and told the dreams to stop (and they did).

My son George and I "leaf peeping" in New Hampshire October 2016

My son George and I “leaf peeping” in New Hampshire October 2016

My adults years were filled with marriage, raising a son, and forging a successful career as an entrepreneur in marketing communications. During this time, I also overcame an eight-year battle with panic attacks. My path to healing was stretched out over these years and included counseling, meditation and the Mindfulness Stress Reduction Program (created by John Kabat-Zinn), Reiki energy healing, and hypnotherapy.

Following the unexpected breakup of a 29-year marriage, I was guided to move to Sedona, Arizona to grieve and heal. My heart-felt desire was to use this “dark night of the soul” as an opportunity for additional personal growth and spiritual transformation. After moving to Sedona, I took dozens of metaphysical classes and workshops and devoured over fifty books on hypnosis, NLP, intuition, spiritual healing, energy healing, working with spirit guides, sacred ceremony and more. Every psychic reading and healing session I had when I first moved to Sedona conveyed that I was in the middle of a huge spiritual transformation. And, boy were they right!

Initially, I had no intention of becoming a healer or light-worker. I was happy being a marketing and design consultant. I just wanted to deepen my connection to God and Spirit. But I kept finding myself irresistibly and persistently drawn to learning the healing arts. I became Reiki Master Teacher Certified and began doing hands-on Reiki on a volunteer basis. My extended family lives in New Hampshire and Florida and when they learned that Reiki could be done remotely, they asked me to work on personal issues that cropped up. The results amazed them – and myself!


Kelly & I at Cathedral Rock Thanksgiving 2015.

Then one day my sister was experiencing extreme back pain and asked me to do an emergency Distance Reiki session on her. What started out as a typical distance reiki session, quickly and amazingly turned into something different. I was suddenly being guided by Angels and Divine Guides to cleanse, detect and heal (how we go about this is unique to each individual and their particular issue). I was also suddenly “seeing” where the root cause was. I could see the healing energy moving through her body. The visual images were creative, sometimes metaphorical, and as it turns out, amazingly “spot-on.” When I completed her remote session, I wrote down everything I did and “saw” and sent it to my sister. The results were incredible. (You can read sample session reports here.)

This healing session I did on my sister was so incredible and so powerful that I had to see if I could do it again. I posted “Free Remote Energy Healing Sessions” on my Facebook page and quickly had my first ten non-paying clients. Through this experience, I learned that yes I could definitely do it again. More importantly, the shifts and results these individuals experienced were equally amazing. Read more testimonials here.

From that point on, I felt called to make healing a part of my life’s work.

“My deepest wish is to help you heal, reconnect with Spirit, and discover your most powerful, authentic self!”


Natalie’s professional healing practice has taken her from Sedona, Arizona where she spent a year helping to launch Gateway Cottage Wellness Center in Sedona, AZ and served as both Marketing Director and a key practitioner offering hypnotherapy, energy healing, and intuitive readings. In early 2017, she opened Wisdom Within OBX in the Outer Banks, North Carolina and created and founded the Outer Bank Metaphysical Spiritual Community online directory.  Natalie recently returned to New Hampshire to be near family and continues to passionately serve those seeking a deeper connection to the Divine through the Wisdom Within, located in Amesbury, MA.

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