Are You Ready to Live Your Best Life Ever?!

Natalie Eve Marquis is a heart-centered healer and coach who loves to help people heal, grow, and live their best life ever.

She specializes in Heart & Soul Coaching, Reiki Release® Method Energy Healing, Hypnosis and Intuitive Readings. Her primary focus is on helping you get to the root cause of energy blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs in order to release and rebalance what’s blocking your ability to heal, succeed and live your best life ever!

“When we release the energetic blocks, trapped emotions, and negative beliefs, it reboots your body’s natural healing abilities and frees your energy to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.”

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Does it feel like the only thing holding you back from living your best life …is YOU?

Is this what you have been thinking…

  • I’m afraid of making the wrong decision or choice.
  • How do I know I’m on the right track?
  • Why am I so anxious and stressed all the time?
  • How do I know if this job, relationship, path is right for me?
  • I’m tired of feeling sick and tired.
  • I just can’t seem to get motivated…

Then Know, It is Not Your Fault…

The problem is that the real you…

… the you that is a spark of the Divine

… the you that naturally shines its most brilliant self

… the you that enthusiastically reaches for its dreams

…is buried under a bunch of “junk!”

That “junk” is a lifetime of trapped emotions, physical or emotional trauma, and self-sabotaging beliefs.

That’s because…

… when we were hurt of scared, we were told to suck it up.

… we either accepted ideas or told ourselves things about ourselves that are just not true, and

… sometimes things happened to us that were such a shock to our system, that despite our best efforts at the time, we were never able to fully process it.

Understanding How the “Junk” Blocks You

Emotions and beliefs (thought-systems) are energy. In fact, everything is energy, including your body. We are beings of energy and vibration. When the energy of emotion and beliefs are in alignment with who we truly are, it fuels and energizes us, when it is not, it can drain or block us. Over a lifetime, these blocks accumulate to such a degree that we may become sick, depressed, anxious, or chronically ill, and to a lessor extreme unmotivated, chronically tired, or unfocused and scattered.

How to Release and Restore the Best You

Natalie Eve Marquis is an Intuitive Reiki Master Energy Healer & Spiritual Life Coach. Her specialty is helping you pinpoint and release the root causes of your energy blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs so you can heal, transform and live your best life ever!

“When we release the energetic blocks, trapped emotions, limiting beliefs and old stories, it reboots your body’s natural healing abilities and frees your energy to create the life you’ve been dreaming of.”

Ready to Break Through Your Blocks and Soar?

Book your session online (below) and receive 10% off your first session. Enter NOW10 in the coupon at checkout. Sessions are available in person in Amesbury, MA or by phone/Skype.

Or email or call/text (603) 642-4949 with questions.




*I offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with your experience, simply notify me by email within 24-hours following your session and I’ll issue a 100% refund.


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Heal. Transform. Soar!

People reach out to Natalie when they are ready to:

  • Align with their life purpose / spiritual path
  • Navigate a significant life transition or change
  • Define a new direction in life
  • Realign with their soul purpose following a job loss or relationship breakup
  • Recapture a sense of purpose
  • Develop or strengthen their intuition
  • Deepen their spiritual connection
  • Release blocks, trapped emotions, self-sabotaging beliefs
  • Restore and strengthen their body’s innate healing ability to address illness, injury, or chronic disease.
  • Discover ways to alleviate and heal anxiety & depression
  • Connect to and expand their creative capacity.

Natalie’s Healing and Coaching Services:

Coaching & Healing 

Energy Healing

natalie-eve-marquis-fullHypnosis Services

Intuitive Readings

Workshops & Retreats

All services are available by phone or in person in Amesbury, MA.

Are you ready to expand into your greatest joy?  Call me at (603) 642-4949 or contact me via email.

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